See why more builders and homeowners choose hand-crafted cupolas from Cape Cod Weathervane Co. With free shipping and unbeatable pricing, the Cape Cod Weathervane Co is the best source for cupolas of all sizes and styles.

 Cupolas are ornamental structures placed in a prominent position, usually at the top of a larger roof or dome. They often appear as small buildings perched atop the roof. We have a wide selection of cupolas on which to place your Cape Cod Weathervane. Vinyl Cupolas, Cedar Cupolas, Pine Cupolas, and more. Our Cupolas are designed and engineered to withstand winds up to 120 MPH.  

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If you need assistance we are here to help with any cupola related question you may have. As a rule of thumb, Cupolas should be 1" to 1 1/2" wide for every foot off roofline that the cupola will be sitting on. For example a cupola that is going on a 22' long garage should be no smaller that 22 inches and no bigger that 33 inches.  A 30" cupola will look the most balanced.

Have a special Cupola request ?  We can make a custom cupola to fit your need - give us a call today!